Contest #1 – Egyptian “Trick or Treat”

For our first contest, after Halloween (a bit in late I must confess), we will invite you to join our Egyptian “Trick or Treat”. Help us to create a unique content or resource for The Lost Dominion game. For now it’s a try and we will only give the deadline in few days, if the idea is a success.tumblr_n4594fpqhk1t3emheo1_400


Quest & Theme:

Lara is beneath the Great Pyramid just after the events of Tomb Raider The Last Revelation.  She is trying to find her way in a ancient maze among ruins. Her sight is blurred by dust and she barely notices shadows following her. Is she dreaming or is she awaken… maybe it’s just a nightmare!

Imagine the best puzzle or trap that could suit an uncharted underworld in an Egyptian pyramid. Use your knowledge about the Egyptian mythology to impress us and provide to TLD an amazing gameplay mechanic.

You can participate here, on our Tomb Raider Forums: The Lost Dominion thread, TRLE Forum thread or you can submit your entry on our Community Webspace (How to).


Submit & Rating:

We accept UV mapped objects (meta2tr) as long as they do not exceed a big amount of unique textures and vertices. You can create a TRLE map to demonstrate your concept – actually it’s better. You are allowed to make more than one object – it’s more about a gameplay concept than a stand alone object.

We will rate the quality of the object but also the quality of the concept, separately. One submit can have up to 2 authors if you decide to co-op with someone. And you are limited by two submit per person (including co-op submit).

For the current submits you can check that list here.

Current submits:
  • ESCachuli  with The challenges of the Duat (Puzzle & Gameplay Concept)
  • DJFull, LGG Production & BigFoot with Skul of death Death DEATH DEATH (Multiple Enemy)


Winner & Price:

The winner will have its own creation included in the Egyptian Underworld level, he will be also included in the beta testers list later in the making process. Soon after the end of the contest the team will also update our showcase with now screenshots of the Egyptian Underworld.

If there are more than one impressive commit, we might also accept up to three winners 🙂



Featured Image: Countdown to Halloween by morcegan

Soundtrack: Mysterious Ambience by Thomas Kobialka (TLD)

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