Thought as an Open Source project, any contribution is welcomed, as big or as small you can make it. The contribution system is mostly like a DIY (Do It Yourself).

Create the game you wanna play

In few days, we’ll publish a website where you could create an account and submit a contribution according to location categories. Each main locations has an atmosphere given and some gameplay hints.

  1. Strahov Library (books, secrets, wondering, explosion, history)
  2. Unrevealed Location
  3. Egypt Underworld (flashback, pyramids, maze, dark, light, mystic, antic)
  4. Unrevealed Location
  5. German Backstreet (city, infiltration, police, pursuit, contrasting, modern)
  6. Castle in Mountains (nature, ruins, anxious, prison, World War 2)
  7. Unrevealed Location
  8. Nephilim Tomb (cave, water, confrontation, dark, myths)
  9. Unrevealed Location
  10. Cennet Monastery (outside, nature, church, ruins, rocks, troglodyte)
  11. Unrevealed Location
  12. The LV Council (inside, sect, bloodline, memories, Gothic, Cold War)
  13. Unrevealed Location
  14. Cappadocia Landscape (outside/inside, confrontation, entrance, climbing)
  15. Underground Realm (city, lost, antic)
  16. Unrevealed Location
  17. Unrevealed Location
  18. Unrevealed Location

Each level will be divided into sub-categories from gameplay to graphics:

  • Object
  • Texture
  • Characters / Enemies
  • Animation
  • Puzzle / Gameplay
  • Scripting
  • Artwork


Challenge others in contest

Within the next months we will also develop contest and challenge with a given query or thematic. A deadline will be fixed and a winner will be chosen. These special events would unleashed more piece of information and contents to the community.

For now if you wanna help go find us here:

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