Tomb Raider is now 20 years old. Such a great adventure we had together and so many mysteries we discovered. However Tomb Raider as much as Lara Croft also have dark sides. Tomb Raider – The Angel of Darkness, was one of them, mostly that both ended the classic era and began a new one. An obscure story based on daemons and dark angels, that was intending to explore the shadows of our own History and the ones of Lara Croft. For some reasons, this opus was both hated and loved… but the fact today is the Angel of Darkness was intended to be a trilogy and never had a continuation after the first episode.

Back in 2013, after the 10 years of the Tomb Raider – The Angel of Darkness release, a group of people decided to bring back to life this forgotten part of Lara Croft history. The continuation was called The Lost Dominion.

Today the Team is opening its project to the Tomb Raider community. Continuing the storyline of Tomb Raider – The Angel of Darkness needed a huge amount of work and time. Most of the real hard work was to create a convincing and realistic story telling including new elements. In fact, The Angel of Darkness storyline left some plot-holes with gone characters and locations because of an unfortunately rushed released. The game as-is forced the team to totally rethink the main plot with new elements without altering the previous opus story telling . We also wanted The Lost Dominion to take its roots in Tomb Raider IV – The Lost Revelations game. The task wasn’t easy at all, we needed to investigate biblical and mythological references to gather with Murti Schofield notes about the Angel of Darkness story.

This website only showcases the storyline most important elements, trying not to reveal the new key elements created for The Lost Dominion opus. You will notice some levels are kept hidden and that we have/we will deliberately omit some key elements.


Come back here, new elements will be revealed.

Happy raiding!


The Lost Dominion team

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