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Our Community website is here. Thought as a social platform, we used BuddyPress for a fast and secure login. Anyone is able to register and directly become an Author of the website.

How do I post?

So you actually just need to click on Register and after an activation from your email account you are ready to dive in. You will be able to add a post and host any content. When logged in, a top bar provides shortcuts to create new posts or add media.


One good thing is if you like to keep your contribution a surprised until the released of the game you can make private posts. So only you and the team members we’ll see your contribution. Otherwise, your post will be added directly into our website and seen to anyone. Try to create a constructive post and do not only ask a question, instead you can ask them on the forum thread. We’d liked for now you strictly use the already created Categories, and at least use an existing Tag (thought as Contribution utility).

A constructive post is made of:

  • A presentation of your contribution. Is it an Object or an Animation? (Don’t forget to add the Tag.)
  • Add the location or theme it is working for. Uncategorized is for now used as global. (Also add the Category to your post.)
  • An image to show us your work. It’s more pleasant when a post is visual.
  • Then don’t forget to upload your content, you can either add a link to a host of your choice, or add it directly into our website database with the “Add Media” utility (it’s better that way).
  • And optionally a context, how do you see it in game, what utility?

A social app?

When registered, a profile page is created you can fully customize and make yours.profil

The Profile dashboard is made so you can tracks your activities, see your friend interactions, look after your private message or check out your group news. And of course set your profile.

It’s pretty intuitive, I let you check it out. Your profile is also linked to Gravatar and it will the first time sync your profile picture with your own Gravatar, but you can change it… and even add a cover (like any social app) to your profile page.

Don’t forget to invite your friends or people from who you appreciate the work, you’ll be able to track their new commit and encourage them 😉

Any questions?

If any questions don’t hesitate to ask on our thread (or comment here), we’ll complete this post.


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