The outside of the Strahov is seen in a news broadcast. The reporter’s voice covers recent events over the last few weeks, the recent Monstrum killing in Prague and the goings-on at the Strahov. A new mutilated corpse, having gone through the same killing process, has been found. At the same time while the camera is focusing on the Strahov library, a violent explosion destroys a significant portion of the building. Alarms are ringing and policemen are giving orders in the background. A dark silhouette escapes through the gap in the wall, the fire seen from her front shapes itself to look like angel wings. A young woman is taking to the floor, head looking downward, then she runs, hidden face. The camera cuts low to show her legs running while police is running after her.


Flashbacks are refreshing the screen with other TV reports dealing with the Monstrum crimes. More crimes are revealed to have been committed all across Europe: Barcelona, Paris, Prague, Berlin… The entire continent is put on a high state of emergency, researching several people linked to the slew of atrocities, with a young heiress of a rich family being the prime suspect: Lara Croft.

Lara is now running through the streets of Prague. Police are on her tail. More flashes from the recently past events overwhelm herself. Lara has disappeared in a narrow alley; police are passing by her without noticing the shadow looking at them. She comes out of her hideout like a creature of the dark. Taking a lost tissue from some old boxes, she makes a hood to conceal her face. Lara is convinced to prove her innocence and defeating the remnants of the Nephilim, while she walks slowly down the dark, wintry alleyways of Prague.

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